7 Refreshing Health-Ade Pop You Should Drink

These seven Health-Ade Pop drinks are a healthy alternative to soda.

1. Strawberry Vanilla

Don't knock this combination off until you've tried it. Strawberry with vanilla is a refreshingly deep experience in your mouth, and the inclusion of prebiotics give you an excuse to come back for more.

2. Lemon Lime

Lemon lime is arguably king when it comes to soda pop, but how about a bubbly drink that doesn't contain harmful sugar? A classic citrus combo that's sure to tickle your taste buds, you should have at least one around in your home to satisfy your sugar craving.

3. Ginger Fizz

Love ginger ale but can't stomach the absurd amount of sugar other branded drinks bring? Get this one and you'll be a happy camper. Ginger is refreshing as a soda and offers neat immune system benefits.

4. Juicy Grape

Remember that grape juice you like so much as a kid? You can re-experience the nostalgia minus the excessive sugar with this healthy alternative. The grape is so real that it feels like you're drinking 100% fruit juice, which is exactly as advertised. The good news is that you can drink several more and it won't hurt your health in both short and long term.

5. Apple Snap

Apple is such as soda staple that it would be a blasphemy not to include them in any soda pop alternative list. The inclusion of prebiotics is definitely a nice touch.

6. Classic Variety Pack

Experience the Health-Ade pop brand with a curated collection of the finest drinks. Pomegranate Berry, Ginger Fizz and Lemon Lime come out in full force here.

7. Sampler Variety Pack

Get all Health-Ade Pops in one fell swoop with this bundled 12-pack offering. You get two cans of Grape, Apple Snap, Lemon Lime, Strawberry Vanilla, Ginger Fizz and Pomegranate Berry.