Why You Should Include Nutritious Soup In Your Diet

Soup is one of the best ways to get a lot of vegetables into your body without overwhelming yourself with a salad or vegetables. It’s also easy to add more protein and fibre to your meals, which can help keep you fuller longer than just carbs or veggies. Plus, soup is warm and comforting, and it can be eaten anytime. You don’t need much time to prepare it in advance or to make it a fast meal when you are running late. You can also freeze some soup and enjoy it later.

Here are five reasons why you should include Nutritious Soup into your diet:

1. Bean Soups are Low in Sodium

Soup is a great way to get a lot of nutrients and fibre in one meal. Bean soups are especially good for you because they are low in sodium and fat. Beans are filling, too, which makes these soups a good choice as a main course or side dish. Most recipes call for soaking beans overnight, which helps reduce the gassiness associated with beans. Make bean soup with chickpeas, black beans, pinto beans or any other type of beans. You can make your own bean broth easily by soaking your beans and then using the water to cook them in the soup.

2. Soup is Easy to Make

It takes little time to prepare delicious homemade soup from scratch. You just need to boil some ingredients and wait for your soup to cook. The only thing you need to make sure of is that you start the cooking as soon as you are ready to eat so that your food won’t get cold. You don’t even have to do the chopping or washing of the vegetables.

3. Soup Helps Lose Weight

Soup helps you lose weight because it contains more calories from protein than from fat, carbs or sugars. Your body doesn’t count calories of protein while calculating appetite, but it will still turn down carbohydrates, fats and sugars, which can lead to weight loss if eaten in larger amounts than protein. Eaten in the right amount and for a long duration, these foods tend to lead to weight loss.

4. Soup is a Quick Meal

Making soup from scratch takes a little time. You don’t have to do complicated cooking, chopping or washing the ingredients. This makes the soup a quick meal any time of the day or week when you are short on time or just want some tasty and filling food for lunch, dinner or even breakfast.

5. Soup is a Healthy Way to Boost Energy Levels

Soup helps you boost your energy levels by giving you protein as well as fibre from vegetables that help keep you full longer than other foods like carbs which can make you feel hungry again soon after eating them. You can easily make soup with lentils, beans and other foods like sweet potato, broccoli and carrots that are high in fibre.

Include a healthy homemade soup in your diet regularly to give you the energy you need to get through your day. You can also use your leftover beans and veggies to prepare more recipes that help you lose weight or gain muscle. Try out some recipes like healthy bean dip or pinto bean casserole for something more filling and tasty than just a bowl of soup.