Benefits Of Low-fat Light Meals

Some benefits of low-fat light meals include a lower saturated fat intake. Nutritional vitamins and minerals decrease when a person consumes more low-fat light meals than regular meals. In addition, eating less saturated fats helps reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke and prevents diabetes, cancer, depression, and dementia. There are also some benefits to not consuming enough calories in general. When people consume fewer calories than their daily needs, they tend to lose weight without having to exercise or change their diet significantly.

The main goal of this post is to inform people about the general health benefits that can come from consuming less fat in their diet while not wholly excluding it from food groups altogether. Some people will not benefit from restrictions on fat intake, so I am giving an alternative idea from a study at the University of Vermont’s Health and Obesity Research Center to help those individuals.

This article’s (saturated) fat is a defining component of low-fat or non-fat foods. For example, olive oil has a relatively high amount of saturated fat (20% to 40%), and butter is also saturated. Thus, the benefits of getting more healthy fats in your diet don’t necessarily mean that you need to consume less fat overall.

When you consume healthier fats like those found in olive oil and nuts, you are getting more beneficial vitamins and minerals. You will also benefit from lower blood pressure with less saturated fat and decreased risk of heart attack or stroke by your blood vessels becoming less clogged.


If you aren’t consuming enough calories, adding healthy fats like those found in olive oil and nuts to your diet is best. In this way, you are getting the benefit of lower blood pressure, better heart health, and less risk of diabetes, all the while increasing your intake of health-benefiting nutrients.

When you do not consume enough calories, it tends to help you lose weight without having to change your diet or exercise. Over time this can help lead to a healthier lifestyle and decrease the likelihood of obesity-related diseases and chronic illnesses.